Advantage Fibres International - Quality Fibres

Quality Control

Preventing contamination and ensuring the purest fibre composition is a priority at Advantage Fibres International Ltd. With our partners, we are educating and working closely with the herdsmen and our collection/processing teams and by offering incentives we aim to eradicate these problems which have blighted our industry for many years. These measures will ensure we can supply the highest quality raw material possible. Our cashmere is also sorted by four separate teams to minimise problems caused by complacency and concentration fatigue:

• In the grease at the point of fleece classification
• Again in the grease but by a separate sorting team
• Following scouring
• Final sorting by a fourth team prior to dehairing

Our greasy fibre is sorted not only for polypropylene but also for coloured fibre, vegetable matter, very short fibre, cotts, tender staple, heavy scurf, discoloured fleeces and those from older goats which cast a coarser hair. In fact 85/90% of guard hair in our types is removed by hand prior to dehairing on our state of the art machines.

Classification & Marketing

All of our greasy fibre is sourced directly from the local herdsmen. This not only allows us to purchase the best raw material possible but enables us to segregate each separate region’s fibre in to select types. This ensures the best purity, shade and coefficient of variation for both micron and length which in turn guarantees the best possible handle for our clients. This traceability also allows us the ability to offer our clients unique and unexplored marketing possibilities of fibre from some of the most beautiful and remote areas of the world. We actively encourage our clients to visit our strategically placed modern production facilities in China and by working together confidentially with innovative production and sales teams we look forward to developing and growing together.