Advantage Fibres International - Quality Fibres

About Us

Guy Dowson & Lyndon Day

Both Lyndon & Guy began their careers over 20 years ago in the Bradford wool trade where they built a comprehensive knowledge of wool, cashmere and other natural fibres.

Having developed and marketed a large range of established and new products, they have built strong trading partnerships with all sectors of the industry around the world.

Jooles Endean

Has a similar length of service and experience in the logistics, administration and accounting field of our industry which gives Advantage Fibres International Ltd an experienced and energetic all round comprehensive team.

Worldwide Partners

With our partners and our own experienced staff on the ground in China and around the world, we are able to supervise the inspection and collection of the raw material direct from the herdsmen and farm gate to carefully monitor quality throughout the processing stages to the point of sale.

We have a solid client base which we look forward to developing in all areas of our industry. This includes high quality yarn spinners and manufacturers (woolen & worsted) for apparel, knitwear, upholstery and carpets as well as our non woven clients in the bedding and felting industries.