Advantage Fibres International - Quality Fibres

Welcome to Advantage Fibres International Ltd.

Advantage Fibres International Ltd. (AFI) was founded in February 2008.

The senior team at AFI is made up of three partners who have worked in the wool and specialty fibre field for many years. Together they bring over 60 years combined experience within the global market place.

Our wide range of fibres and experience offer many exciting supply and marketing opportunities in both de-haired fibre and combed tops including:

• Cashmere – Chinese, Tibetan, Inner Mongolian & Afghan
• Yak
• Mohair
• Angora Rabbit hair
• Llama
• Super Bamboo
• Pure Camel & Imitation Camel
• Wool
• Wool & Cashmere by-products
• We also have a large range of duck & goose feather and down qualities